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Real Estate Investing Oppurtunities Around the Valley

Ways to Invest

There are many ways to invest in real estate, some as passive as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS), Tax Liens, and Notes. Others are more immediate, tangible, and more accessible such as Investment properties, Buy and Hold, Fix and Flips and Lease Options.


This is what most people understand to be an Investment Property or an Income Producing Property.


Vacation rentals, AirB&B’s, and VRBO’s have become lucrative investments when done right. We have experts that can help you do just that.


Otherwise known as Re-Habs as we typically call them, or what you see on HGTV!

1031 Exchange

Sell your current property and buy another similar property and avoid paying capital gains taxes.

Lease Options

This is for the more seasoned real estate investor or the investor looking to diversify their portfolio.

Buy and hold strategy_https://theangelogroup.com/investing/

Buy & Hold Strategy

Most of these homes are purchased for a long-term real estate strategy, provide monthly cash flow, and build wealth through appreciation and the paying down of the principal balance. Owners can have as little or as much involvement after the purchase depending on their experience, proximity to the property, and/or ability and willingness to get their hands dirty. Although, we typically pair the owner with a Property Manager for a hands-off, more stress-free approach.


This is where we procure a home that needs a partial to full remodel. We upgrade or replace most of the major systems in the home and enhance the overall aesthetic. We also look at the current trends in the market… price point, location and product type (single family residence, condo, patio home, etc. We choose the colors, materials and overall look which is most appropriate. Clients come to us to find these homes and we walk them through the process from purchase…to rehabilitation…to sale.

fin and flips https://theangelogroup.com/investing
lease options https://theangelogroup.com/investing

Lease Option

The returns are typically higher and the holding costs much lower. The tenant has the “Option” to purchase the home at a later date at a fixed price, agreed upon by the investor owner and tenant upfront. There are no repair costs or property management fees as the tenant is responsible for maintaining the property. We help the investor procure the property and get it market ready if needed. We have access to many Lease Option tenants and all the appropriate documents to make this as seamless as possible.


The Structure

1. What is your budget and what are you trying to achieve, both from a time standpoint and the desired return?

2. Are you transacting in your Name or an LLC?

3. How are you purchasing your investment property… financing, personal cash, hard money or self-directed 401(k) or IRA?

4. Plugging into our extensive Business 2 Business network. This is available for the most novice to the most seasoned real estate investor.

5. Exit Strategies for today and/or tomorrow?

6.  Re-Investment options

The Process

1. Consulting with a Tax Professional and/or Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

2. Consulting with a Real Estate Attorney

3. Consulting with a Realtor

The Timeline

1. We can move as slow or as fast as you need to go… the most important aspects will be your goals and timelines.

2. We will be there before, during and after each transaction.

3. Resources for re-listing homes quickly and/or Property Management for longer timeframes.

4. Work with a network who knows The Valley, plays in these arenas and has experience at all levels.