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Flexible Buying Options to get you from Home-A to Home-B

Contingent Buyer

A Buyer who has to sell home A to purchase home B
It’s very difficult to be a Contingent Buyer, in this market. Your competitive advantage is very low. In this scenario, you’ll be competing against Buyers that have non-contingent financing or cash.

Non-Contingent Buyer

A Buyer who does NOT have to sell home A to purchase home B.
In this scenario, you qualify to carry two mortgages, either for a short time or keeping the original home as an investment property.

A Bridge Loan

A Buyer who has a lot of equity or even owns their home, home A,  free-and-clear but may need that equity to purchase home B.
This is a Bridge loan scenario where we utilize the equity in home A and cross collateralize with the new purchase, home B. Many people like this as they are non-contingent on the purchase of home B and don’t have to make a double move. This is very strong in our current market. You can be patient, find and close on home B, locking in price and interest rate while home A is still rising in value. You as the seller can then sell home A in an appreciating market and fully pay off, home B or keep home A as an investment.

Fix & Flip

A Buyer who has needs to sell home A but needs minor repairs to fully get maximum value in the market.
Investors/Agents will fund the remodel for you, then list the home and get top dollar. This provides more money, for the Buyer, when purchasing home B.